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Immediately (2-5 business days to bank)

Astropay is a relatively new popular payment method you can use for both deposits and withdrawals on online casinos from Norway. Astropay is an excellent solution for those who like to play casino, odds and poker online. For us Americans, it has sometimes been difficult to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos with American bank cards, so it is very beneficial when solutions like Astropay emerge and solve these problems. Astro Pay is a modern payment method that gives you a virtual card you can use for both deposits and withdrawals, if you want to withdraw money from your Astropay account you can easily and easily send money to your bank. Everything you need to know can be found here!

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This is how you get started

Astropay - How to get started

It is very easy to get started with Astropay, and it is a much less painless process than creating an ordinary bank account with a regular bank. In fact, you only need a smartphone as well as the opportunity to deposit money on your Astro Pay account via an ordinary bank card. The first thing you need to do is download the app inside the Play Store or AppStore. When you have safely enter the app, you get a complete overview of your account there. To get started with Astro Pay, do the following:

  1. Last ned app - Go to the AppStore or Play Store on your smartphone and search for Astropay, download the app.
  2. open account - Fill in your personal information and verify your mobile number to create your account.
  3. Put in money -Before you can make a deposit for a casino, poker or odds page online, you have to deposit money on your digital wallet. You can easily do this by using your bank card or online bank.
  4. Order Astropay card -With the balance on your Astro Pay wallet, you can now order an Astro Pay virtual card. You will receive information about your virtual cards by e-mail, you can now use this information to make deposits on casino, poker or odds sites online.
  5. Make deposits - You can now set up an account with one of the online casinos on this site that offers Astro Pay, then you can easily and easily go to the deposit page and choose Astro Pay. Fill in the information you received by email and fill up your gaming account.
  6. Make withdrawals - When you have picked up lots of big wins, it is high time to withdraw. You simply take out money for the same card you used to make deposits with. The money will then appear on your Astro Pay account.
  7. Take out money from the app -If you want to take out the balance that you have available on your Astro Pay wallet, you can easily transfer the balance to your bank account.

A modern e-wallet

Astropay-a modern e-wallet service

Astropay is a modern e-wallet service that allows American players to make quick and safe withdrawals and deposits on casino, odds and poker sites online. The solution was founded in 2009 and has become a popular solution for both inserting, taking out and shopping online. There are a number of benefits to using a modern e-wallet like this over an ordinary American bank account, with an ordinary American bank card Tiknteytt:

  • Directly made deposits and withdrawals on casino, odds and poker pages online.
  • Take out money via the app directly to your bank account.
  • Top Security: End to end security, privacy guaranteed.
  • More currency: Look forward to using a variety of currencies for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Everything is going on via an app on your smartphone. Smooth and simple!

AstroPay Card

AstroPay Card

Once you have created an account with Astro Pay and officially is a customer, you can choose between a variety of Astropay Card. You have three different types of cards you can buy inside the Astropay Card app:

  • Consumer Cards: This card is for buyers, customers and users who mainly need Astro Pay as a payment purpose.
  • Business card: This card is for sellers and can be used for sales purposes.
  • Gift card: You can buy this card with a specific sum available, then you can give away the gift card to someone you love.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, there are a number of different advantages and disadvantages of using Astro Pay, just like with other payment methods. The main advantage is that it provides Fast and simple transactions to the places that use this payment method. For many, it is also a great advantage that the payment solution can be used in several different currencies.

Astro Pay is a very secure payment method, based in the UK. This means that you do not have to worry about your money, or that your personal information should be lost. It is also very smooth and user -friendly that you have a complete overview of all transactions in your own app on your smartphone.

Some of the disadvantages are that this payment method is not yet available everywhere, and that not all casino, odds and poker pages are still accepting this payment solution. In some places may also require a small fee if you use Astro Pay, even if the card itself should be free to use.

There is little doubt that Astro Pay is a very good alternative to both deposits and withdrawals on online casinos from Norway. We have had various problems with both deposits and withdrawals at the casino lately from Norway, and then it is absolutely gold that modern methods like Astro Pay can be used.


  • Directly completed deposits and withdrawals
  • Smooth and easy use through app
  • Top Privatvern
  • Top security
  • Use many different currencies
  • Take out money from app directly to your bank


  • Unable to send money to other Astropay account
  • No bank card connected Astro Pay Account
  • Fees and fees (currency exchange)
  • Is not accepted by all online casinos

AstroPay support

Astropay offers quick deposits and all outlets as well as transactions are completely safe and secure. In other words, this is a very solid alternative if you are struggling to make deposits with American VISA / MasterCard At the casino.

If you like Astropay as a payment solution, we know you're going to like payment methods, like:

AstroPay support

Astropay Support, of course, offers customer service from the top shelf, we may miss a live chat solution that we find in so many other modern services to this day. With that said, we find here a form on the Astro Pay website you can easily and easily fill in your personal details as well as information about the case or the problem you may have. You will be ed by email with answers to your inquiry, this does not usually take a very long time, especially not on weekdays.

You can also by email and the email address is: [email protected]

You will also find a database of frequently asked questions (one FAQ) on the homepage of Astro Pay. You may want to check in this, here you will find many answered questions that the company receives inquiries about steadily and constantly.

Astropay - security

Astropay - security

In fact, well over 200 million people around the world use Astropay and this is simply because this is a Very safe and secure Payment method. Your personal information is processed in accordance with the Law for Sensitive Information Act, and a number of security measures have been implemented that prevent theft and abuse of your personal information as well as any fraudulent experiments.

It is a range of benefits By using a virtual card, but a general great advantage is that you do not leave much information after you on the Internet. You also do not use your own bank card, and so it is of course more difficult for scammers to exploit you. In today's digitized market, it is therefore much safer to use a virtual card, where you of course have control over how much money is on the card at all times.

Astro Pay can in many ways remind a lot of other payment solutions, such as:

  • NeoSurf
  • Mifinity!

The following online casinos accept Astropay

The following online casinos accept Astropay

There are a number of modern online casinos today that accept Astropay as both deposit and withdrawal method. A number of our partners have introduced this modern e-wallet solution among their Payment methods.. Look forward to using Astro Pay as a payment method of the following of our partners:

To use Astro Pay as a deposit method at an online casino, simply select the Solution Astro Pay solution when you make your deposits and follow the instructions the relevant online casino gives you. As a rule, you just need to enter the information from your virtual Astro Pay card, then you are in the running direct!

Astropay experience

Astropay experience

The entire team and editorial board behind online casinos American has even used the modern e-wallet Astro Pay, and we can thus say that our Astropay experiences are completely objective. We all agree completely, unfortunately we think that the modern e-wallet / bank solutions revolut and muchbetter are chopped better than Astro Pay. With that said so Astro Pay is one Simple, secure and safe Solution to make deposits and withdrawals on casino, odds and poker pages online. We all wish you could send money to other Astro Pay customers via the app.

Are Lyngbø - “Astropay is a very good modern payment method you can use to make both deposits and withdrawals on casino, odds and poker sites online. I wish there were some more features in the app, such as the opportunity to send money to other Astro Pay customers. With that said, this payment method works great for its purpose; To make safe withdrawals and deposits on online casinos, poker sites and bookmakers online. ”

Javier Fernandes - “I tried Astropay as a payment method to make both withdrawals and deposits at casino, odds and poker sites online. I have to say I am impressed with their quick transactions, the opportunity to operate in a variety of currencies. It is also nice to have 100% privacy, so I do not have lots of casino deposits and withdrawals on my bank prints. Astro Pay works great for what it should; Safe deposits and withdrawals. It also happens that I buy gift cards for my family members via Astro Pay, they often use the gift card to shop online. ”

Evaldas Prusk - “Since I work in the casino industry, I made myself testing Astropay as a payment method on casino sites online. All withdrawals and deposits went completely painless and I can easily empty my Astro Pay account whenever I want and transfer to my bank account. I wish we had some more features in this app, but for its purpose: Safe and secure withdrawals and deposits is this modern payment method Bullseye