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Welcome bonuses for online casinos are in many ways the king of all casino bonuses. When you as a new player register at a casino from Norway, you can always expect to get a juicy welcome bonus on the purchase. These bonuses are extra large to tempt new players to create an account, and if possible, you should take advantage of them to the fullest. Often there is also free spins on the purchase when you take a welcome bonus, and if the casino offers it, you can also get the bonus at odds or poker.

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How to work a welcome bonus

How to work a welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is a deposit bonus that is given to all new players at an online casino. It is usually always extra large, so it gives players a good reason to create an account. In other words, in most cases the welcome bonus will be the biggest bonus you ever receive from a casino - so it is important to take full advantage of it!

There are several different types of welcome bonuses, but there are also industrial standards that most casinos operate more or less inside. Among the two types that are quite common today is either a variant of 100% bonus up to 5000 kr, or something close to 400% bonus up to 800 kr, but note that there are also many other different variants.

Sometimes a welcome bonus is referred to as a welcome.. This does not always have to mean something special, and may only be that someone chooses to use one word above the other, but it can also refer to whether the bonus is just a single deposit bonus, or is part of a larger package where you also receive Other casino statements. Some casinos only have the welcome bonus on the first deposit, while others have welcome bonus On both first, second, third and fourth deposits.

Often it also comes with free spins as part of the welcome pack, and these are included in the purchase as an extra good. It can also accompany other issues in the welcome package, which spins you get just to register the account, a spin on the casino's own lucky wheels, or free gambling money to spend on slot machines.

The welcome bonus itself acts as a regular deposit bonus and will always have a wagering requirement associated with it. Here it varies greatly what the casinos offer, which we will take a closer look at soon. The welcome bonus is usually picked up on your very first deposit, and within 30 days or so after the account was registered.

The rules are largely logical, and manage to deal with. However, there are some casinos out there that have a slightly more slippery approach to welcome bonuses, for example that the offer sounds very good, but has conditions attached to it so that there is not much to boast anyway.

Different types of welcome bonus

Different types of welcome bonus

As mentioned above, a welcome bonus is first and foremost a deposit bonus, but there may also be other things - or rather, include other things. Welcome bonuses also apply not only to the casino but are given on various products such as odds And poker too.

A standard welcome bonus consists of a deposit bonus, which can either be given on a single deposit, or be divided into several deposits.

Furthermore, we will take a look at different types of welcome bonuses and what they mean:

Classic Welcome Bonus - 100% up to 5000 kr

Welcome bonuses given on a single deposit will typically offer a 100% bonus, of anywhere from NOK 1000 to NOK 5000. The amount of bonus offered varies from casino to casino. This means that you can deposit up to $ 5,000 on your first deposit, the casino will also double the deposit for you, so you get twice as much money to play with.

On the other hand, not so many players dump in 5000 kr immediately, at a casino that is brand new to them, and with which they have no experience. Many players, especially those new to the online casino, will probably put in a smaller as their first deposit - maybe a couple of hundreds of patches, or so.

Of course, it is right up to the player himself to decide how much they choose to deposit, but in that case you miss a lot of bonus money. If you later regret and want to put in more, it is too late, as the bonus is only offered on a single deposit.

At the start of the article, we mentioned that it is important to take full advantage of the welcome bonus - if you intend to make more deposits in any case, you should rather consider making a slightly larger first deposit to get better value from the welcome bonus.

Details for a typical classic welcome bonus summarized, here from Unibet casino:

  • 100% deposit bonus up to 3000 kr
  • Minimum deposit 100 kr to activate bonus
  • The bonus has 25x wagering requirements on all slot machines
  • The bonus must be traded within 30 days from it was activated

Modern Welcome Bonus - 400% up to 800 kr

In recent years, another version of the welcome bonus has emerged that has become very popular. This bonus is to a greater extent to those who are not well known with online casinos, or may not have tried it at all.

This bonus is characterized by soaring bonus percent, but that it only goes up to a specific sum.

With this variant you just need to deposit NOK 200 to receive a reasonably large welcome bonus - 400% bonus up to 800 kr in practice means that you deposit $ 200 and get $ 1000 to play for. It must be said to be a fairly old offer! Over the past few years, more and more casinos have begun to tempt this offer to attract new players.

With this variant, you also do not need to be afraid to miss any bonus money, as you can make a maximum of NOK 200 to take full advantage of the offer.

There are also various details within this bonus form, and some casinos even offer even higher bonus percentage, but also with even lower max bonuses. That is, the player risks minimally of his own money, but it is also limited how much bonus money you get, as in this example from the ComeOn Casino:

  • Insert 100 kr, games with 600 kr total
  • 35x wagering requirements on both deposits and bonus amounts
  • The bonus must be traded within 15 days from it was activated

Welcome bonus on multiple deposits

Some casinos offer welcome bonuses on several deposits, preferably the first four deposits you make, and then it is called a welcome package. When casinos have such offers, they often advertise with the whole sum to make it sound even better.

The advantage of a welcome pack is that you can spread your deposits out, so you don't have to insert a large slant right away. Another advantage is so clear that you can potentially get a lot of bonus money. Note, however, that the bonuses are often divided so that you get a high bonus percentage on some of them, and low percent on the some. For example, the bonus on the first and fourth deposit may be high, but to get there you also have to take bonus number two and three, which are not as attractive.

Other terms may also play a role in how good the bonus is actually for you as a player, such as wagering requirements, minimum deposits, maximum effort per round and the like.

Either way, one should rarely complain about a welcome package that offers bonus on the first four deposits you make, as in this example from 21.com Casino:

  • 100% bonus up to 1000 kr on first deposit
  • 25% bonus up to 5000 kr on other deposits
  • 50% bonus up to 3000 kr on third deposit
  • 100% bonus up to 1000 kr on the fourth
  • Wagering requirements 50x on all bonuses

Free spins

Free spins are often part of the welcome pack for many casinos.. You get these on the purchase when you pick up the welcome bonus, so here you have nothing to lose.

In some cases, it may follow hundreds of spins, but note that they are credited over a certain number of days. If it says that you get 100 free spins, these are often added to 10 pieces per day over 10 days. The spins must also be used every day within 24 hours, otherwise they will disappear. As a result, many people forget to use their free spins, or that you simply do not bother to log in every day 10 days in a row, so that you miss them.

Some give all the free spins on the same slot machine, while others spread them on a selection of popular games. Some casinos, such as including Rizk casino, even offer the spins without wagering requirements, and it's always welcome!

Odds and poker

Welcome bonuses are also provided on other products such as odds and poker. The odds bonus will typically come in the form of a deposit bonus, for example, 100% up to NOK 1000, with 6x wagering requirements. As you can see, the wagering requirement is much lower when it comes to bonuses to use on sports betting. There will also be a requirement for minimum odds, so that you as a player can not only secure it without risk, and it is usually around 1.8.

Poker bonuses work a little differently, but they also exist. For example, they can work in the way that you get $ 5,000 in a "sleeping bonus", which triggers as you play. That is, in order to trigger the entire bonus, you have to play for a certain amount, or collect a certain amount in what is called rake. Welcome bonus on poker works differently because you can't put wagering requirements on a poker bonus.

Advantages and disadvantages of a welcome bonus

Advantages and disadvantages of a welcome bonus

There are undoubtedly many benefits to a welcome bonus at the online casino. Everyone can have their own reasons why they prefer such a bonus, but here we will take a closer look at the objectively obvious benefits these bonuses bring.

There are really no specific disadvantages associated with a welcome bonus. They are always lucrative for the players, and the terms that apply will apply to almost all other types of bonus as well. If we talk more generally, we can say that welcome bonuses can have the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Welcome bonuses are among the biggest and best bonuses you get at an online casino
  • Provides the opportunity to test out many games with extra money on the balance
  • Often it comes with the free spin on the purchase, completely at no extra cost
  • It is possible to obtain a big bonus with a small deposit
  • Welcome bonuses can also be completely free and allow you to try out a casino at no charge


  • Welcome bonuses that are deposit bonuses will often have wagering requirements associated with them
  • You need to make a deposit to pick up the bonus and often a minimum amount is required
  • Welcome bonuses, and especially free spins, will sometimes be locked to specific games
  • Must be picked up within a specified time or is only available on your first deposit

Rules and Terms of Welcome Bonuses

Rules and Terms of Welcome Bonuses

Rules and conditions for a welcome bonus will vary based on the type of bonus. We recommend always take a look at the current terms of exactly the bonus you are going to take.

On the other hand, there are some general, typical terms and restrictions you should be aware of, as follows:

  • In some cases, a welcome bonus can only be picked up on your very first deposit. In other cases, it must be retrieved within a period of time from you registered your account, such as a week, a month or similar.
  • It may be that the casino requires you to insert a specific sum to retrieve the welcome bonus. However, most casinos have a relatively low sum, so everyone has the opportunity to get it.
  • To avoid the bonus being abused by bonus hunters, welcome bonuses almost always have a maximum bet per spin/round. This is relatively high and is normally between NOK 30-50.
  • Casinos can put a maximum benefit on their bonuses, which means that if you win big, you will not get more than the maximum. However, this is almost completely excluded for deposit bonuses and applies to free bonuses you get without making a deposit.
  • Sales requirements, of course, apply to most deposit bonuses, and will also apply to welcome bonuses. Between 25x - 50x will be common. Some casinos have wagering requirements on both the deposit and the bonus amount, and then you have to keep in mind that the requirement is twice as high.

How to pick up a welcome bonus

How to pick up a welcome bonus

Of course, online casinos prefer that you find your website easily, so you will usually have no trouble picking up a welcome bonus.

If you have found a casino you like and want to pick up the bonus, do the following:

  • Create an account. We have many recommendations for good casinos here with us. You register an account within a few minutes.
  • Find the welcome bonus. It is usually one of the first things you see when you come to a new casino.
  • Read through rules and terms. If you have little experience with online casinos, this is especially important. You can also read the most important rules in our reviews. Note that in this case is bonusreglene You are first and foremost looking, not the general rules.
  • Get the bonus. This is done in slightly different ways, based on the casino. Some want a card you click on when you do the deposit, while others require a bonus code. It is usually clearly explained.

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