New casinos online for American players

In our days, there are constantly launching and constantly new casinos online. Most casino players eventually find one or two favorite casinos that they mostly use, but there can be a lot of value in giving new casinos a chance. The best new casinos are happy to offer extra bonuses and other gossip to their players, and in addition it can be exciting to try something new, as innovative innovations are constantly emerging out there.

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Why use a new online casino?

We humans are habit, and are happy to stick to the safe and what we know. This also applies to online casinos. Most players who have found a casino they like, stay there and use mostly only one. It makes sense, since you already know the casino's layout, where the games are, and you know things work properly.

At the same time, you miss a lot if you never give new online casinos a chance!

Every year, piles of exciting new casinos are launched that both offer innovative solutions, features you have never seen before, and not least bonuses. When casinos are new, the most important thing for them is to get players. It can be done in several ways, but what often attracts the most players are prizes, competitions and bonuses.

As a result, new casinos are extra generous, and offer both deposit bonuses, free spins, low -wedding gaming bonuses, and much more. New casinos often have their own budget that will only be used to get new players, and you can enjoy that.

New online casinos will in many cases also be inexperienced, and not quite the routine when it comes to bonus costs. Then it can go a little over sticks and stones, and you can also be lucky and get a pacifier if you ask the customer support if they have any extra offers on the nap.

In general, it will also always be worthwhile to register at several casinos, as you can take part in the welcome pack. This can often consist of several parts, and many casinos offer a free bonus just to create an account.

In addition, it is of course the welcome bonus, which is always the most attractive. Despite a little wagering requirements, you will almost get the best bonuses as a new player, and often it comes with free spins on the purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing at new online casinos

Advantages and disadvantages of playing at new casinos

There are many benefits to playing at new casinos, but there may also be some disadvantages, based on what type of player you are and what you are most concerned about. Some players care little about fancy campaigns and innovative solutions, and will only easily be able to play on machines in peace, without any stir.

Furthermore, we will take a closer look at what the pros and cons of it can play at a whole newly started casino.


Opportunities for extra lots of bonuses.. New casinos are happy to put on the pants, as they need new customers quickly to stay afloat. It results in them being extra generous, both when it comes to bonuses, free spins and promotions

New casinos try harder.. When you are new, it is important to stand out from the crowd, to attract new players. Once they have obtained a new customer, they will do everything to keep the customer. Therefore, you can expect a different gaming experience, preferably with excellent service and quick outlets.

Welcome Bonuses.. As always when you register at a casino, you get to take part of the welcome pack. You also of course get this from new casinos, and the welcome bonuses are always the best and most lucrative for the players, and sometimes include bonuses that you get for free, without having to make a deposit.

Innovative solutions.. Many of the newly started casinos have their own gimmick to stand out from the crowd. It depends on what type of player you are and what you are looking for in an online casino, but if you like mini -games, gamification) where you get your own avatar and go up to level, as well as similar extra features, you will often find them at new casinos.


Not as good game selection.. This varies, of course, but some new casinos may have fewer games than those who have lasted for a while. It may be that they lack certain gamblers, and this is because the agreement is still not in place. It can often be shallow for financial reasons, as some suppliers require relatively high fees for their games, which new casinos cannot afford.

The chance that the casino will not pass.. A lot of new casinos are being launched continuously, and far from everyone manages. For example, some are unable to bring in enough customers fast enough, and thus have to close the doors shortly. Little experience with the owners can cause the new casino to be short -lived, and the risk of an early closure is present.

You are not familiar with the layout and layout.. A great advantage of staying at old casinos is that you know where everything is. At a new casino you have to learn all this again, like navigating around the site and finding the games you are looking for. Therefore, it is also very important that new casinos focus on usability and functionality.

What payment solutions offer them and is it safe.. Good solutions for deposits and withdrawals are one of the most important things for many casino players. Like the games, new casinos may not always have the best solutions in place - so far. Although most people are safe and to be trusted, you may not feel quite sure until you have tried yourself and get proof of it.


  • Opportunities for extra lots of bonuses
  • New casinos try harder
  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Innovative solutions


  • Not as good game selection
  • The chance that the casino will not pass
  • You are not familiar with the layout and layout
  • What payment solutions offer them and is it safe

Bonuses and promotions at new casinos

Bonuses and promotions at new casinos

As mentioned is Bonuses often reason number one to test out new casinos.. In addition to the welcome pack, campaigns are often arranged to attract new players, and in these promotions a lot of money is spent and large prizes are spent.

The campaigns can be organized as normal through the casino campaign pages, but many also offer special campaigns to reach potentially new players. It can be done through social media, and many are eager on Twitter. It can also be done through partners, so -called affiliates - it means you get an extra offer if you create an account through a third party, via a link or with a code. Then there is often an improved welcome offer, extra free spins, or free play money with 1x wagering requirements, which you do not even need to make a deposit to receive.

Wagering requirements and other terms

Note, on the other hand, that some casinos may have different rules and terms when it comes to such bonuses, such as that there is a limit to how much you can win, or that you have to make a deposit before you are allowed to take out any winnings. It always pays to set aside a few minutes to read through the terms.

There are many different types of welcome bonuses, and the simplest of them are often best for you as a player. If the offer is intricate and comes with many rules connected, there may be owls in the moss. For example, it can be tempted with a large sum of money, but the chin is that that sum is paid out in bolts, and only as you play and trigger them.

Many players will jump on the biggest offer they see, which in a way is most logical. However, keep in mind that if an offer seems too good to be true, there is often something in it. Certain casinos are tempted with almost ridiculously high sums in the welcome bonus, but then there are often rules that give balance in the accounts.

For example, there may be high wagering requirements, where the chance of you being able to fulfill it is not very high. Also, look for whether wagering requirements apply to both the deposit and the bonus amount - some casinos choose to have sales on both, as it looks better from the customer's perspective, but in reality you actually have to translate the double of what the number implies.

In general, wagering requirements are only on the bonus amount almost always the best for you as a player.

Security is important in new casinos

Security is important at new online casinos

Safety is very important for casino players, and a big question when you start playing at a new casino for many is whether it is safe.

This results in one often postpone trying new casinos, as you are afraid that it will operate unsafe, junk, or simply be fraud. Fortunately, you have a great opportunity to check a lot yourself to determine if the new casino is serious and to be trusted.

Among other things, we recommend that you look for:

  • Check that the casino has an approved license. When playing from Norway, this one should either be from Malta Gaming Authority or Karkaugaming.. An approved casino license places piles of requirements for all possible aspects of the casino, especially when it comes to safety and encryption.
  • Serious and well -known payment solutions. There are many good providers here, and you have probably heard of most of them. The best thing is it if the casino offers deposits with Visa card, but prepaid cards as NeoSurf, or e-wallets as MuchBetter is also a good sign.
  • Read reviews of casinos at online casinos Norway.. All casinos you find here with us have been thoroughly reviewed, and you can be sure there are serious players.
  • Have a chat with the customer service and see how they behave. Of course, there is no guarantee, but the quality of customer service will often be a good indicator of the rest of the casino. Not everyone has the opportunity to offer American customer support, and it doesn't have to be negative - if you get help in English, you will also quickly notice whether they are polite and take you seriously or if it seems messy and rogue.

Summary - we look for at new casinos

Summary - we look for at new casinos

When we review and evaluate new online casinos, we look for certain criteria.

These criteria help determine whether we approve the casino and choose to publish them. Among what we focus most on we have:

  • casinolisens.. A valid and approved license is among the most important criterion for new casinos, and we do not recommend playing at a casino without a license.
  • Payment solutions.. Good and safe methods for deposits and withdrawals, which work properly without delays or other problems, are crucial where the casino experience.
  • Available games. The games are king of online casinos, and is mostly in focus. The selection of games at most new casinos is good, and we check if the most important suppliers are in place.
  • Bonus.. Especially at new casinos you can expect extra and big bonuses. We emphasize both the welcome bonus and what bonuses are generally offered.
  • Ease of use and functionality.. The design and design of a casino can by far decide how successful it is - if the games are easy to find, the promotions are clear, the search function works well, and navigation in general.
  • Live casino.. In our days, almost everyone offers all Live Casino-spill as part of the game selection. We check what is offered and what developers they have in place.
  • Odds and sports.. Some Casinos offer odds betting In addition to the casino, it is a big for Americans. Selection of markets, how good odds they have, and the functionality of the odds page are all important aspects.