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Online casinos Norway is Norway's best online casino guide online. Here with us we have gathered together the clear best online casino found in a very user -friendly catalog. All online casinos on our website are carefully tested and assessed according to objective criteria. For us who love to play at online casinos, we know that it is important to find the best online casino bonus to get the most out of every penny we deposit. Here with us you can look forward to enjoying the best online casino guide that exists and pick up they clear Best online casino bonus on the market.

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Norway's best online casinos

Norway's best online casinos online 2022


Best online casino

Best casino online

Here at online casino Norway, we are mostly working on blasting around the clock to give you just the overview of the best online casinos found on the Internet. If you are dressed in the same wool as us and only want the best online casino bonuses available, you have come to the right website.

We are always Updated on the latest and best casinos in the existing and all our recommended casinos are safe, safe, licensed and thus legal to play for Americans. The editors behind this website are real ring foxes in the casino industry and have played for decades now, so we do everything we can to give our readers exclusive bonuses and the coolest offers on the market.

We who play a lot at online casino know that it is important to stay up to date on new casinos coming to the market at all times. As a rule, we want a deposit bonus when we deposit at casinos, and then you often have to resort to register at a new casino. Factors such as game selection, wagering requirements and a wonderful user experience are important to us. Here at online casino Norway you can look forward to finding the market's clear The coolest and best online casino!

Safety is of course important and here with us you can look forward to finding only licensed, safe and not least legal casinos. Virtually all casinos on this page have a license from MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) or Curacao Egaming, these licenses make sure all outlets are guaranteed and you can feel safe and sure you get your winnings when you play at licensed casinos ..

Online casino norway

Online casino norway

Since online casino Norway is a site for Americans - by Americans - we have of course gathered together the best online casino Norway under one roof. Now we don't know how it is with you, but we are not interested in driving around in search of our next casino adventure. We like to find the best online casino Norway easily accessible in a seamless and user -friendly environment.

The editors behind this website have been doing casino for decades and all our articles and reviews are therefore of top quality. Here on this page we write about a little of each when it comes to online casino Norway, and we hope you find everything you need here with us. Look forward to reading about, among other things: new online casino Norway, slot machines, the best casino bonuses, responsible games, free spins and other casino news.

Our top lists are updated every single week and you can thus be assured you find them clear Newest and best online casino Norway found here on this site. If you have as much passion for online casinos as us here in the editorial we know you will dig this website. In fact, we give you a promise here and now to give you the best information available when it comes to online casinos.

Every single day we follow what is happening in the casino industry and every time we hear that a new online casino comes to the market, we notice that it is a little tingling in our fingers to get started. Enjoy Here with us and find your next casino adventure!

Bonus & Free Spin

Online casino bonus and online casino free spins

Here with us at online casinos Norway you can look forward to finding them best online casino bonus found on the market.. We are largely in with the largest casino companies on a daily basis. We can therefore assure you that we will do our utmost to get the best online casino bonus to you at all times.

We will also follow promotions and offers that offer online casinos free spins, so you can create accounts and bring free spins without depositing money. This is actually free money and we have actually heard of Cases where people have won millions via free spins.

You can find more Exclusive online casino bonus on this web page, you can't find anywhere else. Remember to see the following pages for online casino bonus and online casino free spins:

Casino online

Casino online

Regardless of whether you are brand new in the game when it comes to casino online, or if you take regular trips across the sea to Las Vegas himself and are a trotter at the casinos there, you will feel at home here with us. We help you with all the information you may need to get started with casino online. There is tax on casino online, the KYC procedure, volatility, quick outlet, mentality and what payment methods you can use to play safely, secure and legal casino online:

What, of course, is a bit sad for us Americans is that there are no real land -based casinos in our country, so we actually have to thank your casino online. But, it could have been worse. Casino online is better At many points than real land -based casinos. The slot machines found online have higher repayment percentage (RTP) than the slot machines found at land -based casinos. It is also launched more frequent and fatter games at casino online than at a real casino.

Odds and sports betting online

Odds and sports betting online

Playing on odds and sports has always been popular in Norway, and in our days there are almost endless amounts to choose from. Both when it comes to different sports and markets, there are almost no limits to everything you can bet on.

Football is by far the most popular sport to play in Norway, especially leagues such as Premier League, La Liga and the Elite Series, or cups like the Champions League and the Europa League. However, there is of course a lot more to choose from, such as tennis, handball, basketball, golf and ice hockey.

Different casinos will offer different odds, so whether you are already a semi-professional tipper or brand new to odds betting, it pays to check out our site with online casinos that offer games at sports and odds!

American casino online

American casino online

Here you will find only the best American casinos online found on the internet. Here we keep up to date at all times, we make sure you have the latest casinos at all times and they as The casino bonuses found on the market.

If you find a casino online here on this site, you can be 100% sure that the casino is safe, secure and not least legal to play. All American casinos online on this page are licensed, which simply means that the casinos are Legal, safe and safe.

If you find a casino online here with us you do not have to worry about submitting payment information or other personal information. All American online casinos here on this web page are licensed by either: Malta Gaming Authority (S), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) Eller Karkaugaming.

These licenses ensure that our payment information as well as other personal information is encrypted and in secure hands. Another thing that is very important to us casino players is that all outlets we make at a licensed casino will be 100% guaranteed. We get our money if we win, regardless of what would happen to the company behind the online casino. Top security is high here with us!

Free casino money without deposit

Free casino money without deposit

Sometimes we are so lucky that the casinos knock on the big drum and release free casino money without deposit. Then of course we are in the editorial board to pick up this immediately. In fact, there is not much in the world that tastes better than free casino money. After all, it's almost like getting a free Lotto coupon or a free scratch card. Who doesn't want a free ticket, somehow? A free opportunity to win a real fat million gain? Yes please!

Sometimes such free casino money comes with no deposit with a wagering requirement, as a rule, however, you just have to convert the amount once in the casino before you can withdraw. In fact, this is required by law from the casino to avoid appliance for money.

Most Casino games On the other hand, a repayment rate (RTP) of well over 90%. What does this mean, really? Yes, that means that if we get $ 100 free from the casino, we will theoretically be left with around 90 kr. You get a lot of candy for 90 buckles and not least you can actually fish in the very very big And win millions!

If you want free casino money without deposit, check out the page:

Casino guide

Casino guide

We hope that you enjoy yourself here at online casino Norway, our goal is to become Norway's best casino guide. We are in daily with the largest casino companies that exist, and we are constantly trying to acquire the best casino bonuses we can for you, our dear reader here at our casino guide.

Here you can look forward to finding the best game providers or casino bonuses, free spins, free casino bonus without deposit, casino news, read about slot machines or just find your next casino adventure here at our casino guide. We will at least make sure that we launch all new casinos as soon as they arrive on the market.

We hope you enjoying you Here with us and that you will find lots of practical information in our casino guide!

Online casinos

Online casinos

Here with us at online casino Norway you will find the best online casinos available, we work together as mentioned with the largest online casinos found in the casino industry. All online casinos on this page are tested carefully and assessed according to objective criteria. Here with us you will find New casinos online, old casinos online and the best online casinos. If you are looking for the best casinos online, we recommend you read our objective and completed casino reviews:

Here with us you will constantly find new casinos online, as we post new casino reviews daily. Everyone who has played for a while knows that it is always important to find new casinos online, as we will of course have nice casino bonuses on all our deposits. As soon as you finish a casino bonus, you may want to find new casinos online to register, so you get a new casino bonus to play with. We wish you all the best When you play at our online casinos!

Live casino online

Live casino online

Norway is one of the few countries in Europe, and really in the world, which still does not allow land -based casinos. It is really a shame, but fortunately we have at least the second best - Live Casino on the Internet!

Live casino at online casinos are live games with a very real dealer, where you can choose a seat around the felt, and play that you would otherwise have done in a land -based casino. The latest technology ensures that the video stream never chops, and you can new all your favorite games in HD resolution-given that you have a decent internet connection, then.

Show the dealers who is the boss of classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, bingo, craps and ultimate Texas Hold'em, much more.

Mobil Casino

Mobil Casino

The heyday of the computer is over. Now it is the mobile that applies! Studies show that well over half of all casino players prefer to play from the mobile or tablet, and this figure is only increasing.

Of course, the online casinos have brought with them, and have therefore arranged for all the websites and games to be optimized to function as best from mobile devices. When you open a page or game from your browser on your mobile, the technology will automatically provide the content perfectly on your screen.

We have taken a closer look at the best mobile casino Out there, and who impressed us the most.

Online casino with the lowest deposit and withdrawal

Online casino with the lowest deposit and withdrawal

It is far from anyone who wants to spend large sums on the online casino, especially if you are new and do not quite know how things work. Most online casinos have a minimum limit for how much you can deposit, and this is often NOK 100. On the other hand, there are casinos that offer lower minimum deposits as well.

When it comes to withdrawals, there is always an advantage for players that this limit is the lowest possible - if that limit is high, it may mean that you will not have the opportunity to withdraw the winnings, because the sum is too low.

We have seamed the net in search of them lowest deposits and withdrawals at online casino.

Casino tax

Casino tax

Once you have brought home your first big win at the casino, the idea often shows if casino tax is necessary to pay. There is a lot of wrong information online about exactly casino taxes, so we thought we should give you the most precise information that exists on this particular topic.

If you are a resident of Norway, are a American citizen, taxes to Norway and play at the casino is the rule:

"You have to pay casino taxes from single winnings of more than NOK 10,000, is your single prize of less than $ 10,000, you don't have to pay taxes from your casino win."

If you were born and raised in Norway but live abroad, of course, the rules are different for you, then you simply tax to the country you are staying in. Of course, this does not apply if you are just on a small holiday abroad but otherwise have Fixed address in Norway.

We here in the editorial staff always follow Including updates from the American and European authorities, so that our readers can be kept up to date and informed of the laws when it comes to casino taxes at all times. In the long run, we will also write a thorough guide to casino tax too!