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Here at online our goal is to stay Norway's best casino guide.. We review casino-related web content in an honest and direct way. We do our very best to give American customers the most clear guide you can find online, and we will give you it in such a honest way that you can decide for yourself which side you think you can spend your precious time on ..

We want to remove as much of the web and hustle as possible, and give you an overview of the best, and worst, which the Internet has to offer. We want to do this because customers deserve transparency, and have the right to as much info as possible that can help them make a decision that is sufficiently informed.

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Everything you need to know about American online casino

Everything you need to know about American online casino

We want to remove as much of the web and hustle as possible, and give you an overview of the best, and worst, which the Internet has to offer. We want to do this because Customers deserve transparency, And have the right to as much info as possible that can help them make a decision that is sufficiently informed.

These criteria are taken into account

When we consider an online casino, we go through several over aspects we want to analyze.

These may include:

  • The general security of the site
  • Their license (s)
  • The casino's responsible game policy
  • The security of transactions
  • The variety of games and bonuses
  • The quality of the game developers
  • The general web designs
  • App or mobile optimization
  • Rtp and rng
  • Customer Service

Each of the points above is crucial to us since we want to create a fun and safe environment, and we therefore take no shortcuts when it comes to safety and information.

We want to immerse ourselves a little more in detail below, so you can see how things are going on behind the scenes in online

The general security of the site

The general security of the site

There is no doubt that security is crucial, and here at online casinosnorge you will find new, old as well as Best casinos online.. Our editorial board has played casino games, poker and sports betting for decades and therefore has Objective reviews of casinos.

We are considering whether the platform a supplier offers is sure in a number of ways. All casinos in our online casino overview are 100% legal, secure and safe and all online casinos are licensed.

The online casinos are allowed to operate against American customers via the EEA Agreement, but what is not allowed to advertise or operate within Norway's borders against American customers. This does not occur as these online casinos operate from abroad against American customers via the Internet.

Initially, our team does a little background check on the online casino. Does it have a reputation of any kind? Is it positive or negative? And if so, why?

This first step allows us to understand if a supplier is bad enough to avert even the most curious reviewers. Often, a reputation is a mirror image of the quality of a website.

When we have made sure that a website has a good reputation, we visit it and look around for a few things:

  • Do they have a large selection of games?
  • Do they have a good casino bonus?
  • Do they offer extra free spins?
  • High security
  • Good payment methods
  • Mobile -friendly
  • Whether they may have an odds or live-odds section
  • Good customer service
  • Other promotions and offers

We want American players not only to be able to take advantage of the pages they visit but also that they should be able to do it on a safe and easy way.

Online casino's license (s)

Online casino's license (s)

One thing we certainly do not agree with is the licensing, or rather the angel on such. Here at online casino Norway you will only find licensed, safe and legal online casinos. Everything is lost if the online casino fails to show off an official license.

If an online casino is not accredited by a recognized jurisdiction with an official and legal license, then we will not even consider continuing with the review.

It is important that casinos are regulated and monitored by a reliable organ that Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (ukgc) Eller Curaçao Egaming.. We need to know that American players are safe when they are on these websites and that the supplier will not end up disappearing with their money.

The online casino must be able to be held responsible for any wrongdoing, and the only way for them to follow rules and regulations is to be holders of a legal casino license issued by an accredited commission.

The casino's responsible game policy

The casino's responsible game policy

It's easy to be tempted. In some cases, gambling can be a quick source of increased values, and therefore responsible games are very important. In order for you to play responsibly, you have enough information about gambling addiction and risks in online gambling, and info on what tools you can use if needed.

Most online casinos today offer tools that you can use, so you have better control over the game. Online casinos that have Lisens (Malt Gaming Authority) will always offer playing limits such as:

  • Deposit Limit: Enter a maximum amount you can deposit over a specified period of time
  • Taper boundaries: Enter a maximum amount for how much you can lose over a specified period
  • Increased limit: Set a limit on how long you can be logged in to your account

There are also tests you can take that can help you determine whether you are brewing on a gambling problem. In Norway is Help the leading body for help with gambling addiction. They offer anonymous help over both phone, email and chat. All their services are completely free.

Personal information must be protected and safe! Nothing is more important than personal information, and the last thing you want is to leak or be used in illegal ways.

Our team will always go through the websites to check if the correct data protection is in place.

This may take the form of SSL encryption, 2-factor authentication, ID verification, compliance with data protection regulations and more.

If these measures are not in place, online will not approve the supplier, and our team will make sure to report any problems in our reviews.

The security of transactions

The security of transactions

Money transactions must be safe and secure. No one wants to lose their hard earned money for a scoundrel on the internet.

We make sure to evaluate the payment methods offered by the online casinos we are considering. What is most important to us is that no matter what method is chosen, the player must get maximum security and protection.

Some suppliers consist of further tests that give them brands that confirm their positive outcomes.

Variation of games and bonuses

Variety of games and bonuses

Everyone has different flavors in different things, and this of course includes games, so we check gaming libraries for variety and fun.

One person can love to jump into a time machine and explore the old Egypt, while others may prefer to join pirates on their quest for a hidden treasure. Online casino games come in a jumble of colors and styles, and this is something we here at online casino Norway like to see.

First, we consider what kind of games are offered. Do they include different game types? Is the casino focused only on one type of game? We like to see a good selection of:

After looking at the selection of entertainment they have, we look at whether the games are monotema or whether they fit different preferences. We like to try out newer games, but we also like to be able to go to better well -known titles like Book of Dead or Bonanza.

We are not a fan of outdated games, and appreciate casinos that regularly update and expand their collection with new names. Sounds must also coincide with the actions that occur on the screen, and the flow of movements is also considered.

Bonuses are something we always want to see, and as gambling enthusiasts we love a good bonus.

Whether they are linked to a fixed deposit, a specific payment method, a loyalty scheme or more, we like bonuses.

First and foremost, we look for a welcome bonus - we all like to be welcomed with open arms, and we like to start our casino adventure with a little extra boost. And there are a lot of bonuses out there:

  • Cashback-bonus
  • Deposit -free bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Free Spin Bonuses
  • No turnover bonuses

And many more…

But most importantly, we see that the games mentioned in the section above are fair. (Read about Rtp and rng a little further down)

The general web designs

The general web designs

Something we definitely consider when reviewing online casinos is whether their web design is new fashion and easy to explore.

We do not like having to go hunting every time we want to enjoy slot machines, and we also do not want to lose precious time looking for information about responsible games, or whether a casino is licensed.

In our opinion, a pure design is the best. We also appreciate quick loading times, links that actually work, images that appear correctly and an overall theme.

App or mobile optimization

All the above is useless if lost when using our smartphones.

As more and more players are now playing while on the go, online casinos must perform just as well on mobile as they do from a desktop.

Part of our review ritual is to try out suppliers from our phones, and we like to see websites that adapt to smaller screens.

This is not always the case, so extra points are given to the operators who have an app we can download.

With online casino apps, we check if the ease of use is just as much better, or worse than on the website, and whether the gaming library is equally packed. Besides, we like to easily read texts from our phone screens - so fonts and size are equally important.

And finally, no bugs must be loose, and any corrections or updates are also checked.

Rtp and rng

Rtp and rng

"Return to Player" (RTP) is a number we attach great importance to. This is the percentage that shows the average bet casino will repay to players over an extended period. Third parties will test this number and cross check it with what is reported by the casino.

Another important number is checked is Random Number Generator (RNG). This refers to the game's algorithm that determines random events; Independent sources will also go through these to find out if the casino reports an accurate number or whether it is trying to be neat and tricky players.

There are many more third parties who inspect and analyze online casino games and their justice. Some of the most famous are:

  • ecograpp
  • iTech Labs
  • Technical Systems Testing (TST)
  • Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
  • Bmm tests

What is important to us is that the suppliers actually pass their tests, and they will often report approval certificates at the bottom of their pages.

Customer Service

Just in case of dispute or to clarify any doubt a player may have, customer service must be offered by an online casino.

Our team reaches customer support through the various channels offered, such as:

  • Live chat
  • Line -up
  • E-post

It is not just the timing of the answers that is considered, we also observe the attitude and kindness, or the lack of such, to the agents.

Our reviews are honest and objective

Our reviews are honest and objective

Although we all have our favorites, we strive to give reviews of online casinos in the most objective way possible.

We take the score of all the criteria above and collect everything under one article. By combining our experience, knowledge and passion we give you some of the most reliable, impartial and honest reviews That's out there.

We here at online casinos Norway hope to help American players navigate online casinos in a safe and efficient way so that everyone can enjoy their games with lowered shoulders.