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Time for deposit



Immediately (2-5 business days to bank)

MiFinity is a popular payment method you can use to make both withdrawals and deposits on online casinos from Norway. MiFinity is a modern e-wallet and an excellent solution for those who love to play odds, casino and poker online. For Americans, it has at times been difficult to make withdrawals and deposits at online casinos with American bank cards, so it is wonderful that solutions like Mi Finity emerge and solve these problems. My Finity gives you a digital wallet you can use for both withdrawals and deposits, if you want to withdraw money from your MiFinity account, you can easily withdraw money for your bank account from MI Finity. Everything you need to know can be found here!

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Best mifinity casinos

Online casinos that accept MiFinity:


This is how you get started

MiFinity - How to Get Started

As with other e-wallets, it is easy to get started with MiFinity. The very first thing you do is create a user account with the payment service. You can do this directly via the app, or directly via the website of the payment solution. Before you can start using your account, it must be verified. You simply submit a bill to verify address as well as a valid ID proof. When this is done, you can use the account to make withdrawals and deposits on online casinos. To get started, do the following:

  1. open account -Set up a MI Finity account, either via MI Finity app or via the website.
  2. Verify account - Submit valid ID as well as a bill or similar to verify your address. Your MI Finity account is verified quickly after these documents are received.
  3. Put in money -Before you can make deposits on a casino, odds or poker page online, you have to deposit money on your digital mi Finity wallet. You can easily do this by using an ordinary bank card or a traditional bank transfer.
  4. Make deposits -You can now deposit money on casino, odds and poker sites online by using the balance you have standing on your MI Finity account. You simply go to the deposit page and choose MI Finity as a payment method, enter the desired amount and make a deposit.
  5. Make withdrawals - When you have brought home a bucket of big wins, it's time to make withdrawals. You simply choose when Mi Finity as the withdrawal method, enter the desired amount and make a withdrawal. The money will then appear available for use on your MI Finity account.
  6. Take out money from my finity -If you want to take the balance you have standing in your Mi Finity account, you can easily and easily make a bank transfer inside the Mi Finity app for your bank account. It won't be easier!

A modern e-wallet

MiFinity-a modern e-wallet solution

MiFinity is a modern e-wallet solution that allows American players to make safe and quick deposits and outlets on odds, casino and poker sites online. Mi Finity was founded in 2002 and has become a very popular solution for making deposits and withdrawals on websites. There are many benefits to using a modern e-wallet that Mi Finity over an ordinary American bank account, with a regular American bank card connected:

  • Directly completed withdrawals and deposits on odds, casino and poker sites online.
  • Withdraw money from the MiFinity balance via the app or via the website directly to your bank account.
  • High security: Privacy warranty and end to end security.
  • Get fees: There are very few fees associated with use, small currency fees may occur.
  • Your MiFinity account is available both via PC and in the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Fees and fees

MiFinity - fees and fees

There are some costs associated with the use of MiFinity, but here we are not talking about large amounts. Of course, it is quite common for some costs to be linked to the use of such a service, so my Finity does not stand out negatively in relation to similar services on the market. The company behind the service must of course earn something to offer its services, too.

When you deposit money on your MiFinity account, it will usually accrue a Fee of approx. 1.8%-3.5%, Depending on which payment method you use. The size of this fee is also affected by how much money you choose to deposit into your MI Finity account, it will be much more profitable to deposit a larger amount than many small amounts in succession.

There are also fees related to withdrawals from your MI Finity account, but this is no more than NOK 10-20. There may also be fees related to currency exchange. What this fee comes on depends entirely on the current exchange rate and the amount in question. Of course, if your bank account is in the same currency as your Mi Finity account, it will not be charged fees and fees.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, there are many different advantages and disadvantages of using Mi Finity, just like with other modern payment methods. The main advantage is that it provides Simple and fast transactions In all places that use this payment method. The fact that you can use this solution to both make withdrawals and deposits on most casino, odds and poker pages is a clear advantage.

Mi Finity is a very secure payment method, in other words you do not need to worry about the money you have in your MiFinity account. Your personal information is SSL encrypted and will be stored in safe hands at all times. It is also very user-friendly and smooth that we have a complete overview of all the transactions and our MiFinity account both from the PC and via the phone via their app.

Of course, there are some disadvantages as well, among other things, this payment method is not available everywhere, and not all casino, odds and poker pages are still accepting this payment method. Small fees and fees are also associated with the use of MI Finity.


  • Directly completed withdrawals and deposits
  • Smooth use through the app and browser
  • Top security
  • Top Privatvern
  • Withdraw money from mi finity directly to your bank
  • Get fees


  • No bank card connected MiFinity account
  • Fees and fees (currency exchange)
  • Fees and fees (deposits / withdrawals)
  • Is not accepted by all online casinos

MiFinity support

If we are to recommend payment methods, which are accepted everywhere, so and say without fees and fees, it will be:

With that said, Mi Finity offers quick deposits and withdrawals on most casino, odds and poker sites online. In other words, this is a very solid alternative if you are struggling to make deposits and withdrawals with American VISA / MasterCard At the casino.

MiFinity support

Mi -Finity Support offers of course customer service from the top shelf, it is something we miss is perhaps a live chat solution that we find in most modern services like this to this day. However, at least we find a form on the website we can fill out with personal information as well as information about the problem we may have. We are then ed by e-mail with answers to our inquiry, this does not usually take long, especially not on weekdays.

It is also possible to by e-mail and the email address is: [email protected]

There is also a database of frequently asked questions (FAQ Section) On the home page of Mi Finity. In fact, you may want to check in, as many answers are found that arise very often in this section.

Mifinity - security

Mifinity - security

MiFinity is a modern payment method that has been around for over 18 years, there is a reason why the company has been on the market for so long, security is on top. Among other things, this modern e-wallet SSL encryption offers, which means that all the information we leave on the website or app is encrypted, and thus cannot be reached by scammers or hackers.

My Finity also follows a number of rules and laws for the storage and processing of personal data. Mi Finity has also acquired a number of partners to avoid money laundering as well as other scams. Mi Finity is a Very safe and secure Modern payment method.

It is generally very safe to use modern e-wallets. Among other things, this is because they act as an intermediary between your bank and the payment recipients. You do not need to leave so much information, and the information left in MI Finity is SSL encrypted and protected. The less information online, the less likely it is that this information will be lost and utilized.

Mi Finity can in many ways remind a lot of Other payment methods, as:

The following online casinos accept MiFinity

The following online casinos accept MiFinity

There are many modern online casinos to this day that accept MiFinity as both withdrawal and deposit method. A number of online casinos we work with have introduced this modern e-wallet solution among their payment solutions. Look forward to using MI Finity as a payment method at the following of the online casinos we work with:

To make use of MI Finity as a deposit and withdrawal method at an online casino, simply select just the method my Finity when you make your deposits and withdrawals. Then just follow the instructions and fill in the information from your MiFinity account. You simply make a deposit with the balance you have available on your MI Finity account, you can also make withdrawals directly to your MI Finity.

MiFinity experiences

MiFinity experiences

The entire editors and team behind online casinoser Norway have used this modern e-wallet solution that is MiFinity. We can therefore say that our MiFinity experiences are objective and fair. Everyone fully agrees, we don't think MiFinity lives up to the modern e-wallet / banking solutions such as revolutions and muchbetter. With that said, MiFinity delivers what it should; Simple, safe and safe Withdrawals and deposits on casino, odds and poker sites online.

Are Lyngbø - “Mi Finity delivers exactly what you expect from the service; Simple, fast and safe deposits and withdrawals on casino, odds and poker sites online. I personally wish there was a bank card associated with the MI Finity account, so you could use the balance while on the go. As a modern e-wallet, this service works perfectly fine, but I prefer solutions like revolutions and much bets. ”

Javier Fernandes - “I tested out my Finity as a payment method to make deposits and withdrawals at poker, casino and odds sites online. It all works well and I have to say I'm impressed with their quick transactions. It is also good with 100% privacy, so I do not have to have lots of casino deposits and withdrawals on my bank statements. MiFinity works well for what it is to solve; Safe and secure deposits and withdrawals on casino, odds and poker sites online. ”

Evaldas Prusk - “Since I work on this website and in the casino industry in general, I took the time to test out my Finity as a payment method. All deposits and withdrawals went completely painless and I can easily empty my Finity account as well as transfer to my personal bank account, when I want to. It is an extra advantage that you can transfer money to other MiFinity users. This modern payment method works great for what it should: Safe deposits and withdrawals