Regulations that apply to online casinos in Norway

Most people who have any interest in sports and games are familiar with the basic rules for gambling in this country-namely that Norsk-Tipping and Rikstoto have the monopoly. Norway is also one of the few countries in Europe that does not allow land -based casinos. This results in all online casinos operating from abroad, but they are still in their full right to offer their services to players here in Norway.

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Introduction - which casino regulations apply in Norway

Introduction - which casino regulations apply in Norway

It's no secret that the discussion about gambling and gambling has been complex, and sometimes confusing, here in Norway. This is partly due to the fact that the Lottery Authority and the American authorities are interested in retaining the entire monopoly themselves, and that the laws and regulations that apply are outdated and ineffective.

In an attempt to retain the entire game monopoly for itself, there are occasionally new laws and regulations that make it more difficult for foreign gaming companies to offer their services in Norway. In recent years, for example, we have seen attempts to force American banks to reject transactions from companies that engage in gambling - without this having a particularly great effect.

The laws that have so far been made attack the elements around playing online, but avoid attempts to clean out forbidden such gaming - this is because Norway, as part of the EU, does not have the power to do online gambling illegally.

Although some laws make it more complicated to play at online casinos, there are no laws that prohibit or explicitly regulate gambling online in Norway - It is therefore perfectly legal for Americans to play at foreign online casinos.

On the whole, it is finally about money. American politicians are interested in limiting or blocking foreign gaming companies, so that more money is left in the country, rather than going to providers outside the borders. To promote their case, they often owe that the casinos based abroad are not safe, and do not take enough into account responsible gaming - the truth, on the other hand, is that casinos now maintain such a high quality in general, and often have at least as good tools on Space that Norsk-Tipping offers.

Regulated gambling in Norway

Regulated gambling in Norway

American laws regarding cash games say that Companies need a license to run gambling, and as you know, only two state -owned companies have this license.

Norway as a nation does not offer or issue licenses to any casinos other than American-tipping and their partners. Nevertheless, you have access to a whole world of casino games, poker and odds over the web, as these are operated from abroad with a foreign license, and the American authorities have no way of illegalizing this.

As a American you will not be able to punish in any way when playing at foreign casinos over the web, as You do not break any American laws if you choose to play at an online casino that is based abroad.

Tax rules on gains from foreign casinos

Tax rules on gains from foreign casinos

There may be a tax liability for winnings you have won at foreign casinos. This is regulated through the Tax Act and will fall under "random income".

On the other hand, this only applies to larger gains, and usually you do not need taxes on gains less than NOK 10,000. The bet should also be deducted from what you won, so that you are left with the total net gain - this can sometimes be a little tricky to find the exact number.

As long as you play at an online casino with a license in the EU or EEA, you will not need to tax individual gains under NOK 10,000. If you win more than this, you are obliged to tax 28% of the gain. However, there will be no tax liability for gains (withdrawals) under NOK 10,000, so here it is possible to divide the withdrawals over time, and leave the money in the gaming account while.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing at foreign casinos

Advantages and disadvantages of playing at foreign casinos

There are many obvious benefits to playing at foreign casinos rather than our own state -owned - but there are also positive things by staying within the country's borders.


  • Bonuses - Norsk -Tipping is not allowed to offer bonuses to their players. Be it all types of welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, odds bonuses and free spins
  • Game selection - Foreign casinos offer games from all the world's suppliers, both when it comes to slot machines and table games, but also all other forms of mini games and additional services.
  • Campaigns - in line with bonuses, you will not find any promotions at state -owned casinos. Campaigns can often bring big cash prizes with them and give the opportunity to win larger prizes with lower efforts.
  • Better odds - American -tipping is known to offer notoriously bad odds. This has changed somewhat, but compared to the odds of foreign providers, it is almost always higher there
  • Poker - online poker is very popular in this country, and many Americans play either professionally or just for the sake of entertainment. If you are going to play online poker from Norway, you must play with foreign players


  • No tax on winnings - at the state -owned gaming company, all gains associated with games will be completely without tax liability.
  • The money directly into the account - if you play at Norsk -Tipping, you can use a American bank card to withdraw, and you can also use Vipps for immediate deposits.
  • No verification - since you have to be a American citizen and have a American social security number to play at Norsk -Tipping, you also do not need to verify your account
  • The grass root share - one of Norsk -tipping's largest sales points is the grass root share. Part of the profits are given each year to sports teams and associations



Although there are strict rules regarding who is allowed to offer gambling in Norway, it is perfectly legal for foreign players to offer their services online.

The restrictions we have seen so far are on the process of playing with these players, such as by attacking the transfer of money. This challenge was immediately resolved by using a third party (e-wallets), so that deposits and withdrawals do not go directly via the online casinos.

Our state offer, Norsk-tipping, today offers much of the same as the foreign casinos but lacks things that Bonus, promotions and poker, as well as are weaker on game selection and odds.

American gaming policy is arms with the people's well and well, but there is no doubt that they are also very interested in banning foreign companies for financial reasons. When players choose online casinos based outside Norway, there is less money in the Treasury.

They also miss the tax revenues they could receive, as they do not allow companies from American land. Many believe a good solution would be to allow casino operation from American soil, under a regulated market. In this way, Norway would retain much of the revenue, while the offer for the players had been strong and safe.