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2-5 business days

On this page we go through how to use Visa / Mastercard to make deposits and withdrawals to and from an online casino. Most online casinos still accept both deposits and withdrawals with a bank card such as Visa / MasterCard. It is not to hide under a chair that it has been problematic for Americans to make deposits and withdrawals on casino, odds and poker pages online with American bank cards. Despite this Thus, this method still acts in all online casinos, and on this site we present the best online casinos that still accept American bank cards (Visa / Mastercard) as a deposit and withdrawal method.

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Online casino that accepts Visa Casino / Mastercard Casino:


VISA casino

VISA casino

If you are looking for a sure, safe and simple Payment method at online casino, Visa Casino is still a great solution. You can use Visa Casino at virtually all online casinos to this day. Visa Casino is still the most popular deposit and withdrawal method for casino, odds and poker players in Norway. You can use Visa Casino to make both deposits and withdrawals, if you use Visa Casino to make withdrawals, the money will appear in the bank account associated with your Visa card. If problems arise when you try to make a deposit with Visa Casino, we can recommend the modern payment methods:

With that said, most online casinos use third -party solutions that still allow you to both insert and take out the American Visa card. There are several benefits to using a VISA card as a payment method for your casino adventures:

  • Visa is safe and safe
  • Effective and quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Visa is one of the most used payment methods in the world at online casinos
  • You get paid both casino bonus and Free spins When you make deposits with Visa

When you make a deposit on online casino with Visa, you can easily use Visa / MasterCard as a deposit method. When it is time to withdraw your casino winnings, you simply use Visa / Mastercard as the withdrawal method, the money will then appear in the bank account associated with your Visa / MasterCard within 2-5 business days.

Casino that takes American Visa

Casino that takes American Visa

Here on this page you will find the best casino that takes American Visa, we here in the editorial staff of online casinoser Norway are always updated on which online casinos still accept the American Visa. The American authorities have initiated a number of measures to try to block payments to foreign online casinos, so it is not uncommon to hear that American banks have blocked the opportunities to make deposits and withdrawals with your American Visa card for online casinos.

Rarely, difficulties may arise in deposits and withdrawals with a American visa because of this, and we recommend that you check out the modern payment methods: Revolut and much bets where any problems will never arise. With such modern payment methods, the money will also appear on account directly after withdrawals, while with withdrawals to the American Visa or American Bank Account one often has to wait 2-5 business days Before the money is on account.

Most online casinos online have this day in place third -party solutions that bypass the problems of American banks and authorities. Therefore, it is usually not a problem to use the American Visa to make both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Below we have compiled together a list of all casino that takes American Visa still:

Casino visa - security and security

Casino visa - security and security

As mentioned a little further up on this page it is incredibly safe Using a bank card online to this day, and the use of Casino Visa is no exception. All serious online casinos to this day use what is called "SSL encryption". This encryption hides the sensitive card information between you and the online casino so that no one can steal your card information. Most online casinos clearly make it directly on the front that they use this encryption, but if in doubt there are a few things you can do.

Make a Google search on the online casino name followed by the letters PCI (Payment Card Industry), all serious online casinos with Visa will be associated with this organization. You can also scroll at the bottom of the front page of the online casino itself and see if the casino uses SSL encryption or associated with PCI.

Another important security scheme is the use of Bank ID, most American banks today require that you verify both deposits and withdrawals with Casino Visa using Bank ID. The use of this code tag has led to dramatic falls in the number of scams online.

For those who really want to be on the safe side We recommend using a virtual Visa / MasterCard. Then you deposit an amount on a separate e-wallet, and no one can withdraw more money than is available in that account. It is safer than using a card that is associated with your bank account itself. Modern payment methods such as: Revolut has this solution where you can use a virtual Visa / MasterCard for both deposits and withdrawals.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

As with all other payment methods, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to Visa Casino. Let's look at some below and list these:


  • Certain and safe
  • Effective and quick deposits
  • You get casino bonus and free spins when using Visa / Mastercard


  • Fees and fees (2-3%)
  • Withdrawals often take 2-5 business days

Fees Wood View Card Casino

Fees Wood View Card Casino

Often there will be a few extra expenses or fees when you deposit money at an online casino using Visa Short Casino. Often your bank / card company will take a fee of 2-3% When you make a deposit at an online casino. It is therefore very common for a deposit of NOK 1000 to appear as NOK 1030 on your bank print.

There will also often be a fee for the exchange of currency, in order to exchange American kroner to the euro, there will often be a surcharge in the range of 2-3%. You should therefore always choose an online casino that accepts same currency As you have on your payment method. If you deposit from a American bank account that is in American kroner, you should choose an online casino that lets you play in American kroner. Examples of online casinos that accept American kroner are: Rizk Casino, Betsafe Casino and Unibet Casino.

There are also a number of online casinos with Visa Short Casino that offer free solutions, to read more about card fees, you almost have to examine the terms on the website of the online casino itself. If you want to avoid all fees for deposits and withdrawals, we again recommend modern payment methods, such as: Revolut and Muchbetter where it are not any fees or fees at all!

Safe deposits and withdrawals at casino with Visa

How do I make safe deposits and withdrawals at Casino with Visa?

If you are interested in how to make safe deposits and withdrawals at the Visa casino, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Follow a link - Find an offer you would like to use on this page, press the "Play Now" button next to the offer you want to use.
  2. Set up an account - Once you get into your selected online casino, you create an account most often by pressing the "Create Account" button.
  3. Make deposits - Make your first deposit by selecting Visa / MasterCard as a deposit method.
  4. Submit documents - To verify your account, you must submit certain documents, and this must be done before you can withdraw. You must submit: Address Certificate, Valid ID and picture of Visa / MasterCard.
  5. Make withdrawals - After you pick up lots of big wins, it's time to make a withdrawal, then you can take out directly to the same Visa / Mastercard that you used to make a deposit. The money will then appear in the bank account that is associated with your bank card after 2-5 business days.

MasterCard Casino - Responsible Games

MasterCard Casino - Responsible Games

If you choose to use Mastercard Casino as a payment method, we will encourage all our readers to remember to play responsibly at all times. Of course, it is very easy to forget when you find an online casino that accepts Mastercard Casino. Especially since it's not quite "your own" money you play with. Remember that all MasterCard bills must be paid by you in the end, so practice always Responsible game using Mastercard Casino.

If you find an online casino that accepts Mastercard Casino, it is important that you retain control and do not allow you to be torn by the wonderful tension on the screen. Plan in advance how you want to divide the sum, and remember to cover the payments before the interest -free period is over.

Maybe you are missing a small thousand dollars to collect the hefty casino bonus offered by your selected online casino? Then you can of course make a deposit with MasterCard Casino. If, on the other hand, you have enough money on the Visa card, we recommend here at online casinos Norway that you use this.

To quit is the Holy Grail In all forms of gambling: "Never play with money you can't afford to lose". Gambling online should be seen as entertainment and not a source of income, and it is very important to us in the editorial staff that all readers have a responsible relationship with all forms of gambling.