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Time for deposit

2-5 business days


2-5 business days

On this page we will take a closer look at how to use bank transfer casino to make deposits or withdrawals at an online casino. Transactions via bank transfer casino may not need a detailed introduction, most of us have a fairly solid overview of how to transfer and receive money directly through our online bank. If you have access to an ordinary online bank with Bank ID, you can use this solution both to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. What advantages and disadvantages do we have when making payments with bank transfer casino? We look at everything on this page. Just read on!

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Transactions with bank transfer casino

Transactions with bank transfer casino

It is very simple To put in as well as withdraw money via bank transfer casino. If you've ever shopped something online using the online bank, you already know how this works. Find out "Bank Transfer" or "Bank Transfer" in your online casino and decide which sum you want to insert or take out. You must then log into your online bank in the usual way to start the transfer to the casino using the information you received at the online casino. If you are going to withdraw money from the online casino using bank transfer, you usually need to enter IBAN and BIC information when making withdrawals via bank transfer casino.

Most online casinos today use what is called SEPA (Secure European Payment Area) when it comes to bank transfer Casino. You can compare this to a very ordinary bank transfer that you do in your online bank but instead In order to enter the account number to the recipient, you enter Iban and BIC information. You can find your IBAN and BIC number easily in your online bank, often by pressing "Account Catments". This type of SEPA transactions between European countries goes incredibly fast to carry out.

Many online casinos also use other intermediate services that are very user -friendly. For example, you can connect your bank account to the company Trustly, which then takes on the job of transferring the money to the online casino. You simply connect your bank account directly to Trustly, with the result that transfers go much faster. You have probably also heard of deposits and withdrawals with bank cards, which is the most popular payment method in Norway. You just fill in your card information to make a deposit, while to make withdrawals, you just withdraw money for the same bank card. The money then shows up in the bank account that is linked to the bank card.

You can read all about deposits and withdrawals using a bank card here: VISA / MasterCard casino

Better payment methods

Are there better payment methods than bank transfer casino?

Yes, as mentioned above, deposits and withdrawals with bank cards are the most common payment method at online casino. You can still use Visa / MasterCard to both deposit as well as withdraw money at most online casinos to this day. You can use your bank card for both deposits and withdrawals, if you use the bank card to withdraw, the money will appear in the bank account associated with your bank card. If you were to encounter any problems when trying to make a deposit with Visa / MasterCard, we can recommend the modern payment methods:

If you are one of those who digs to play online: casino, odds or poker, these services are in the blink of an eye. It is not always easy to keep track of transactions back and forth from various online casinos, bookmakers and poker sites. In the apps for these modern payment methods, you can keep a complete overview of all transactions. In addition, we who play a lot on different websites operate in a variety of currencies at all times. In order to avoid exchange fees and fees, we recommend these payment methods, here you can operate, store and switch in all different currencies with a keystroke from your mobile phone. Completely without fees and fees!

This is precisely why many American players have chosen to use more modern payment methods lately. Here you get your own revolver or muchbetter account that you can fill up with money directly from your bank account or bank card. On the other hand, you receive a physical or virtual bank card connected to your Muchbetter or Revolut account. You then easily enter the online casino using the Visa / MasterCard solution, when you withdraw money for the same bank card, the money will easily appear on your Revolut or Muchbetter account. You can then of course withdraw the money from these accounts directly to your American bank account.

Best of all? The money will be available on your Revolut or Muchbetter account directly after the outlet is approved by the online casino, in contrast to bank transfer Casino where both deposits and withdrawals can take up to 2-5 business days before you have the money on account. In other words, you can go directly to the mall to buy yourself a brand new iPhone minutes after your outlet is approved with modern payment methods such as Revolut and Muchbetter. Smooth stuff, this is recommended!

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

As with other payment methods, there are clear advantages and disadvantages of bank transfer casino. Let's look at these below as well as list them:


  • Safe and securely
  • Withdrawal directly to bank account


  • Fees and fees (2-6%)
  • Long deposit time (2-5 business days)
  • Long withdrawal time (2-5 business days)

Costs bank transfer casino

What does it cost to use bank transfer casino?

This depends on which bank you use but usually you will have to pay minimum 4-5% of the transfer in fees and fees. This can apply to both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Some banks can attract smaller percentage rates, but in general, it is not very advantageous to use bank transfer casino as a payment method on online casinos. You will also often see an exchange fee when you deposit with American kroner at an online casino that uses the euro, and this exchange rate is usually not advantageous.

That is exactly why we Recommend you to use other payment methods When playing on odds, poker and casino sites on the Internet. Modern payment methods, such as: Revolut and Muchbetter, take no fees or fees when making deposits or making withdrawals at online casinos. You can also withdraw euros from the online casino, switch the money for American kroner at an advantageous price directly in your app, and then withdraw the money for your American bank account, completely without fees and fees.

Security and security

Bank transfer casino - security and security

Of course it is certainly and safe To use bank transfer casino to make both deposits and withdrawals. Everyone serious online casinos Today, a security service called "SSL encryption" is used, which means that there is an encryption of all information you submit to the online casino, or information linked to your account. Most online casinos make it clear on the front that they have a SSL encryption like this, but all recommended casinos here with us want it.

When you make a bank transfer deposit then do this from your online bank, to get into the online bank you usually have to log in with Bank ID.. Use of this code tag has led to huge security and you can not find fraud cases online anymore using Bank ID. When you make a bank transfer casino, you simply enter your IBAN and BIC information. No one can do anything about this information, other than sending you money. However, this information is encrypted, it applies to all the information you have at an online casino.

For those who really want to be 100% sure We recommend you use a virtual Visa / MasterCard. This is card that you can self-destroy after a certain period of time, you will also have an amount of a separate e-wallet linked to this card. No one can therefore withdraw more money from the card than is available in that account. This is a safer solution than using a card that is associated with your bank account, where you may have all your money on the same account that is linked to your bank card. Modern payment methods such as: Revolut has this solution with virtual Visa / MasterCard that you can use for both deposits and withdrawals. Recommended!

Safe deposits and withdrawals with bank transfer casino

How do I make safe deposits and withdrawals with bank transfer casino?

If you are wondering how to make safe deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, you can easily and easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Find an offer - Find an offer you want to use and follow the link by pressing the "Play Now" button next to the offer you want to take advantage of.
  2. Create player account - Inside your selected online casino you simply create a player account, most often by pressing the "Create Account" button.
  3. Make deposits - Make your first deposit by selecting bank transfer or bank transfer as a deposit method. Go into your online bank and before over money with the information you received from the online casino.
  4. Verify your account - To get your player account verified, you have to submit some simple documents, the account must be verified before you can make withdrawals from the online casino. The documents you need to submit are: Address certificate, valid ID and screenshot of bank account.
  5. Make withdrawals - After hopefully you have extracted lots of giant gains, it's time to make withdrawals. You can then use bank transfer or bank transfer as an withdrawal method, here you enter your IBAN and BIC number to get the money into your bank account. This information can be easily accessible in your online bank. The money will appear in your bank account within 2-5 business days.

Which online casino accepts bank transfer

Which online casino accepts bank transfer casino?

Most online casinos accept bank transfer casino as a payment method, but we always encourage you to use other, alternative and faster Payment methods If you have the opportunity. This is precisely because it is reasonably cumbersome to complete such transactions, the online casino must follow its designed account then and manually bring money on your game balance when they see that the transfer has come into place.

Usually, the online casino will ask you to submit a receipt from the bank transfer so that they know what information to look for. A bank transfer like this will usually take at least 2-5 working days, and sometimes you have to wait longer than this even before the money shows up available for games at your selected online casino.

Bank transfer Casino has its advantages, but the disadvantages are so many that most people choose to use other alternative payment methods when they want to enjoy themselves with a good dose of casino entertainment. The main disadvantage Of course, it is the time it takes for the money to be available for games when you make bank transfer deposits, as are when you make a bank transfer withdrawal. The money will usually not be available in your bank account until a minimum of 2-5 working days after the withdrawal has been completed.

Thus, the bank transfer is losing casino in agility and ease of use to most other payment methods out there, if you really want to minimize the number of intermediaries and send money directly from your online bank to the online casino, we recommend using a service like Trustly, where the waiting time is minimized to some a few minutes.