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Cashback at online casino is a relatively well -known form of bonus, which most have been in the occasional time. On the other hand, it is not too widespread, and often comes in the shade of more used bonus types such as the classic deposit bonus. However, the cashback bonus has some benefits and distinctive features that make many players prefer it over other bonus types. Read on to learn more about the different types of cashback you find at the online casino and how they are used - both in casino campaigns, welcome bonuses, odds and poker.

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What is a cashback bonus?

What is a cashback bonus?

When we talk about the cashback bonus in the casino context, it is in itself about a simple concept, but the term can take many different forms and get in many different versions. The definition of cashback is simply that you get back some of the sum you have lost, in the form of real money. There are many players who have great confidence in cashback bonuses and look at it as an extra chance. Cashback can in some cases be credited almost immediately, while in other cases it will be credited the next day.

In a way, we can say that the Cashback Bonus is an inverted deposit bonus - instead of receiving an extra percentage when you make the deposit, you get the percentage after you finish playing.

However, the difference is so clear that the percentage you receive is usually a lot lower. A cashback bonus will normally be between 10-20% of the lost bet. On the other hand, cashback would prefer to be real money, which is very positive and means that you escape wagering requirements - something a deposit bonus always wants. Then it is also once so you have to lose money before you can receive cashback. Therefore, there is often something limited how much cashback you actually receive.

How does Cashback Bonus work?

Cashback bonuses can be used in the casino, where you get a certain sum of what you have lost on slot machines. Some casinos operate with a cashback chip that can be activated when it suits the player himself best, and thus the possible cashback is paid after the gaming session is finished-we will take a closer look at a few examples soon.

Cashback can also be used as a odds bonus, and then it is often 100% cashback and is called a risk -free game. Cashback is also a common element of poker, referring to as a rakeback and gives players fixed deals where they get back up to 30% in real money.

How does Cashback Bonus work?

A typical cashback bonus in the casino will only be given on net losses over a specific period. This means that you only receive cashback if you have lost money overall within the given period.

Cashback is based on net loss and will often be defined as follows:

  • Total bet minus total gains in a given period of time

Cashback can be provided both at a selected slot machine, on several selected machines, or at all games offered by the casino. It can also be given only over an hour or two, or a whole day or a weekend. There are many different mechanisms and details, but the result is mainly the same - that if you lose, you get part of the lost back.

Most often, the cashback is you get real money. That is, the money you get as a cashback can be taken out directly or used on what you want. In some cases, however, there may be wagering requirements on the cashback. You should be aware of this, after what most often means it is a bad deal. Cashback with wagering requirements is not really cash, and should rather be called bonus back.

Cashback bonus can also be used for both odds and poker. Below we will take a closer look at different types of cashback bonuses, but in short, cashback will always work in the same way, even though the road there is different.

Different types of cashback bonus

Different types of cashback bonus

Cashback can be used for both casino, Live casino, odds and poker. Within the three products there are also different uses for cashback bonus, especially for casino. It can be it Welcome Bonuses, campaigns or from the loyalty department for big players for example.

Note, however, that all cashback bonuses have a minimum and maximum amount. That sum will vary based on the offer, but may, for example, be that the smallest sum you can receive is NOK 50, while the highest sum can receive is NOK 1000.

Cashback bonus for casino

Cashback bonus for casino has many uses. Some casinos offer a welcome bonus consisting of cashback, although it is not so common. For example, when cashback is used as a welcome bonus, it can be 10% on all casino games. This means that you get 10% back from all your losses on your first deposit.

If you deposit $ 1000 and lose everything, you will get back $ 100 in real money. It is in itself a perfectly fine offer, but most would rather prefer to get a 100% deposit bonus instead - after all, it gives a lot more value.

Typical cashback bonuses for casino:

  • Welcome Bonus - 10% Cashback on all casino games
  • Cashback-chip-a bonus chip that is activated when it suits you yourself
  • Promotions - 10 to 15% cashback on a selected promotion game, over a certain period
  • Live Casino-15-25% Cashback at all games in live casino in a week
  • Cashback for big players from the loyalty department

Both Rizk casino and Wildz Casino Offers what is called a cashback chip. This can be won through their own happiness wheels that you get spin when you go up to level. The chip adds to your prize section and can be activated when it suits you - most often you have a few days before it disappears. After the chip is activated, it will last for an hour or two, and all the net losses you have in while the chip is active you will get cashback on. For such offers, it is common to get between 10-15% cashback bonus. With the same time period on the chip is out, the cashback will automatically be credited to your account.

A campaign that is quite common at several casinos is what is called the game of the week. This means that a slot machine is selected every week, and then everyone who plays on that slot machine gets 10% cashback if they lose. The cashback is paid once a day and goes up to a certain amount. It is a pretty good offer, which requires nothing extra from you as a player - you can only play as normal, and get some of any lost money back. The downside is that you can only play on the selected game, if you are going to qualify for the Cashback bonus.

When it comes to live casino, the casinos have room to give slightly higher sums. There are casinos that have weekly promotions where you can always get back some of what you lost in the live casino last week - such as Casino Casino which offers crazy 25% weekly cashback bonus for all games in their live casino.

This only applies to those who play loud and much, but it is also possible to get special offers for cashback bonus from the loyalty department. It simply means that you enter into a separate special agreement with the casino, where you get a certain percentage of your losses back as a cashback every single week. If you have real bad luck and lose a lot a week, this can be a very lucrative offer. Such loyalty-cashback is often credited every Monday and is added as real money.

Cashback bonus for odds

Cashback bonuses for odds and sports betting Works a lot in the same way as in the casino - if you put losing odds, you will get back a percentage of real money.

On the other hand, it will be more common to receive what is in principle a risk -free game when talking about cashback for odds. A risk -free odds game means getting the bet back if the game loses, and that's what cashback really is. The advantage of a risk -free odds game is that you get the whole bet back, which is 100% cashback.

Therefore, such bonuses are often called cashback games, as it is a simple odds game on which you get cashback. Cashback games at odds are released a bit here and there by casinos offering odds, in the form of promotions or similar broadcasts-instead of offering a deposit bonus at odds, it is also offered a cashback game. From the players' perspective it is a pretty good offer, but remember that cashback will only be given on a single odds game, not on several odds games over a period of time, as it works in the casino.

Cashback bonus for poker

When it comes to poker, cashback is widely used and is a fairly fundamental part of online poker. But again - it is primarily for those who play quite a lot of poker online. Cashback bonus for poker can also be called rakeback. It comes from the fact that when you play online poker, you pay "rake" by almost every hand you play. Rake is a fee that the supplier of the software takes to use their systems to play.

Most often you are assigned different levels, and then receive a certain percent cashback based on the level you are at. For example, it may be:

  • Silver – 10% cashback
  • Gold – 15% cashback
  • Platinum – 20% cashback
  • Diamond – 30% cashback

PokerCashback is typically paid once a week and is real money. If you want to play poker with cashback bonus online, you can check out, among other things Betsafe casino which offers it, in addition to both odds and casino games.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashback Bonus

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashback Bonus

As we have seen, there are several benefits to getting a cashback bonus at online casinos, and especially those who play much often prefer such a bonus. On the other hand, there are also some limitations to this type of bonus, which means that it is not as much used as other bonus types.

You will find cashback bonuses in some form at most online casinos, as it can be used for both casino, live casino, odds and poker. There are also many different types of cashback bonus, but the vast majority of variants have pretty much the same rules: Play first for your own money, and if you lose, you get back a certain percentage in real money.

Finally, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of cashback bonus at the online casino.


  • Easy to understand and realize, without much rules and terms
  • Paid out as real money
  • Provides an extra chance if one has lost
  • Have many uses for both casino, odds and poker
  • Since Cashback is added as real money after playing, you avoid the wagering requirement as deposit bonuses as opposed to always


  • It is limited how much cashback bonus you get paid-often there are around 10-20% of net losses
  • As cashback is paid based on losses, one must lose to get the bonus
  • Cashback bonus can be locked to a particular slot machine or match
  • There may be wagering requirements on the cashback (this one should you avoid)

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