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Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the future, and now a number of online casinos have begun to accept Bitcoin Casino as a payment method. Bitcoin Casino can be used to make both deposits as well as withdrawals, as long as you have a cryptocurrency wallet containing bitcoin. It is also possible to extract huge casino bonuses if you choose to insert with Bitcoin Casino. Here on this site will explain everything you need to know to make safe deposits and withdrawals with bitcoin at online casinos. There are some things you should be aware of, Let's look at everything about Bitcoin Casino here!

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Play with Bitcoin

Playing with Bitcoin at online Bitcoin Casino

The purpose of this page is to Collect all information on use By Bitcoin Casino to make safe deposits and withdrawals at the online bitcoin casino. In short, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency created digitally through electricity consumption, and you will find no physical device representing a bitcoin. Bitcoin is only available online, and there is a so -called digital currency. There are several benefits you can achieve if you use Bitcoin at the Online Bitcoin Casino, including you can get bigger casino bonuses and complete anonymity.

Further down on this page as well as above you will also find all the best online casinos that accept Bitcoin Casino as a payment method. You will also find a step-by-step recipe for using this modern digital currency as a payment method. One of the clearly the biggest benefits of Bitcoin Casino is that all trade takes place anonymously. No one knows how many Bitcoin coins you possess or how to use them. Complete freedom, In other words. It is not difficult to understand why so many casino players have embraced this payment method. You don't exactly want the whole world, especially the authorities, to know how to spend their money?

Bitcoin Casino Guide

Bitcoin Casino Guide

With this site, we will be one of the best bitcoin casino guide pages on the entire internet, and it is actually very advantageous to use Bitcoin Casino when playing online casino. To start with it is actually very easy to use Bitcoin Casino to play with, you start by transferring Bitcoin to a suitable online casino (a so -called bitcoin casino), then you get to play with so -called MBTC ("Micro Bitcoin") ..

Bitcoin is shortened to BTC in the financial world, and MBTC is a thousand pieces of bitcoin. In other words if you bet 1 MBTC per spin, there is talk about 0.001 BTC.. Remember that one bitcoin is worth almost NOK 400,000 at the time of writing, which is why the currency is often divided into MBTC.

In this example: 1 Batak = 400 000 kr | 1 MBTC = 400 kr

Since all cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are completely anonymous it is also very easy to transfer them to your gaming account. The only thing you need is a wallet that contains the cryptocurrency BTC, then you can easily perform both deposits and outlets with this wallet. Read on To get a step-by-step recipe for how to make safe, fast and anonymous deposits and outlets at online casinos with Bitcoin Casino. Maximum speed, minimal nonsense!

Deposit and withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals with casino bitcoin

Before you can make a deposit with casino bitcoin, make sure you have casino bitcoin available for use. You can buy casino bitcoin on many different websites and marketplaces. Once you have acquired Casino Bitcoin, as well as creating a gaming account at a casino online that accepts casino bitcoin as a payment method, are you ready to make a deposit.

The online casino will give you an address that you use to send the money to. Once you get the address, go to the digital wallet containing your casino bitcoin. This wallet will have a feature that allows you to send Casino Bitcoin to the recipient address you got from the online casino. Here it is important to be carefully, as the money does not appear if the address is wrong. Once you have sent the money from your digital wallet, they will be credited to your casino account, directly after the transfer is confirmed by the online casino.

Deposit at Casino with Bitcoin

As mentioned above it is very simple To make deposits at Bitcoin casino, first and foremost, you need to acquire a digital wallet containing Bitcoin. Bitcoin actually has an official wallet that allows you to buy Bitcoin, as well as send and receive Bitcoin via a recipient address. To make safe deposits on online casinos, do the following:

  1. Open a digital wallet that may contain Bitcoin (Bitcoin has an official wallet)
  2. Buy bitcoin
  3. Set up a gaming account at an online casino that accepts Bitcoin
  4. Retrieve the receiver address from the online casino
  5. Go to your digital wallet
  6. Paste the receiver address
  7. Send the money to the online casino and wait for approval
  8. The money is now Available to Play on your casino account

Withdrawal at casino with bitcoin

Withdrawal at casino with bitcoin works almost in the same way, however, you first go to your digital wallet that contains bitcoin to find your recipient address. You then go to the withdrawal page on the online casino you play at, choose Bitcoin as the withdrawal method in the box. You will then be asked to provide the recipient address The online casino will send your outlet to. Here you paste the address you copied from your digital wallet - and Vipps - the money is on its way to your digital wallet:

  1. Retrieve the receiver address in your digital wallet
  2. Copy the recipient address and go to the online casino where you wish to make a withdrawal
  3. Go to the box, choose Bitcoin as the withdrawal method. Paste your recipient address
  4. The online casino will then approve the outlet
  5. The money is available in your digital bitcoin wallet

Best Bitcoin Casino bonus

Best Bitcoin Casino bonus

There are many online casinos offering a Unique Bonus If you choose to use Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method, in the list below you will find the best Bitcoin casino bonus among the operators we work with.

Best Bitcoin Casino bonus:

  • Casino's talk - 100% up to 5000 kr + 200 free spins
  • Casino Casino - 100% up to 5000 kr + 200 free spins
  • Nomini Casino - 100% up to 5000 kr + 100 free spins
  • SpinAway Casino - up to $ 10,000 + 100 free spins (over three deposits)
  • Tsars Casino - up to $ 20,000 + 200 free spins (over four deposits)
  • Casoo Casino - up to $ 20,000 + 200 free spins (over four deposits)
  • Playouwin casino - up to 4000 kr + 120 free spins (over three deposits)
    + 10% cashback on all deposits made with cryptocurrency
  • iLucki Casino - up to $ 3000 + 150 free spins (over two deposits)
  • Lucky Elektra Casino - 100% up to 5000 kr + 100 free spins
  • Supreme Casino - 150% up to NOK 30,000 (Exclusive cryptocurrency bonus)

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, there are many different advantages and disadvantages of the use of Bitcoin as a payment method, just as with other online payment methods. The main advantage is that this is a completely anonymous Service, you do not leave any personal information when you make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Safety is also very high, as long as you take good care of the password of your digital wallet, it is very important that this does not go astray.

Of course, there are some disadvantages of using Bitcoin as well, among other things, you have to acquire a digital wallet online, as well as buy Bitcoin, before you can use the currency to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.


  • Directly completed deposits
  • Top security
  • Anonymous transactions
  • Bitcoin can increase in value while using them
  • Can be charged easily via the Internet
  • Bitcoin gives big bonuses


  • Must have third -party digital wallet
  • Have to learn to use bitcoin

Live Casino Bitcoin bonus

Live Casino Bitcoin bonus

Some online casinos offer live casino bitcoin bonus, in this section the intention is to collect all online casinos that offer live casino bitcoin bonus. Here we will add the new live casino Bitcoin bonus as soon as we get new appointments with various online casinos that offer this. At the time of writing, you can get a live casino Bitcoin bonus at the following online casinos on our site:



The security around Bitcoin and Bitcoin transactions is of course very high, but it is only if you take some precautions. First and foremost it is incredibly important that you only play at Licensed online casinos When you want to make deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin. All online casinos here on this page are 100% licensed, safe and secure to play at. Since Bitcoin is a complete anonymous payment scheme, you cannot prove anything if your money is going astray.

That is why very important That you do not publish the code that symbolizes your Bitcoin coin to anyone. You can of course paste the code in the online casinos on this page to make deposits, it is perfectly safe. All online casinos on this page are licensed and therefore have SSL encryption of all personal and payment information. It is only important that you do not publish the code to someone you do not know and/or trust, or paste it on the internet on pages other than safe pages. All the online casinos listed on this page can be counted as Safe sides.

Other payment methods

Other payment methods

If you like Bitcoin as a payment method, we know That you are going to dig other modern payment methods on our site, such as:

  • Revolut -Modern Banking Solution / E-wallet (can make deposits and withdrawals)
  • MuchBetter -Modern e-wallet (can make deposits and withdrawals)
  • MiFinity -Modern e-wallet (can make deposits and withdrawals)
  • Astropay -Modern e-wallet (can make deposits and withdrawals)

Bitcoin casino experiences

Bitcoin casino experiences

Everyone in the team behind online casino Norway has used Bitcoin Casino to make both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, bookmakers and poker sites online. We can therefore say that our bitcoin casino experiences are very objective. Everyone in the team almost agrees, this modern digital payment solution works great for what it is intended for: safe, simple, safe and anonymous Deposits and withdrawals for online casinos, bookmakers and poker sites. Very many of the digital wallets you can create to store cryptocurrency also have a Visa / MasterCard you can use in ATMs, payment terminals and of course online for trade.

Markus A. - “Bitcoin Casino delivers exactly what you expect from a modern payment method: safe, secure and quick deposits and withdrawals on casino, poker and odds sites online. My digital wallet has also issued a Visa / MasterCard that I use to shop with, withdraw money from the ATM or use online. For me, it's important not to have lots of casino, poker and odds transactions in my regular bank account, therefore Bitcoin Casino is perfect for me. ”

Petter C. – “I have tested Bitcoin Casino to make deposits with online casinos, poker sites and bookmakers online. This modern payment method works great for me, deposits appear in my gaming account directly, and the outlets come to my digital wallet as soon as they are approved. I also appreciate the fact that I release lots of transactions from online casinos on my bank print. When you learn to use a modern digital wallet that contains cryptocurrency, it is also very easy and user -friendly and make deposits and withdrawals. ”

Christian M. – “Since I work on this web page, I took the time to test Bitcoin Casino as a deposit and withdrawal method at online casinos. For me, this payment method works great for what it should: safe, safe and anonymous Deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, bookmakers and poker sites that accept Bitcoin Casino as a payment method. It was actually very fun for me to teach me how a digital wallet works and how to send and receive Bitcoin using the recipient address. ”